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Yoni Massage Technique Or How To Give Your Vagina A Treat

Yoni is also a word that comes from this classical Indian language. With her it is denominated to the female genitals and it is translated as sacred space. This space is made up of the vulva, the vagina, the ovaries and the uterus. So a Yoni massage technique focuses on your genitals, like a revered part of a woman's body. Area worthy of respect and honor.

What Is A Yoni Massage Technique

In tantra practice, a true yoni massage is a ritual of erotic connection between a man and a woman or two women, which focuses on massaging the areas of the vulva known as the yoni area . 

In this case, the professional you chose will be the one who will carefully massage that area while you perform breathing exercises to relax. The idea is that the physical and mental tensions are released, in this way you can enjoy the delicate and charming tantric movements of another woman.

The purpose of the Yoni massage technique itself is not that you reach orgasm, but if you have it, welcome.

Yoni massage technique is a erotic massage

Some Tips For You To Enjoy

A welcoming environment is important to prepare the mind, body, relax and relieve stress.

Your massage therapist will adjust the temperature to a comfortable level:  turn on a heater if it is too cold, or let cool air in if it is too hot

It will create an environment with ambient lighting: a slightly softer light or a scented candle to awaken all your senses

Some ambient music to make the moment even more pleasant: we know that music is the soundtrack of our life

Total privacy environment: special for you to forget about embarrassment or shyness

Prepare your mind before massage  The massage yoni is a spiritual practice, so it is important that you prepare your mind through breathing exercises to improve your experience.

Let's Start With The Breasts

Rather than heading directly into your vagina, a more appropriate way to warm up is to start by gently massaging your body and breasts. Remember that a woman generally takes a little longer to become aroused than a man, so the goal is for you to get aroused slowly ...

Then the masseuse will be able to focus on your stomach, which is a very good idea since that area has many nerve endings. It will gently Yoni massage technique your belly with a little oil, slowly caressing the chest area, your lower belly and between the breasts. Caressing this area is very effective to get excited.

When there are already signs that your body is hot, your breasts and nipples may receive more attention. However, before going straight to the nipples, your masseuse can start with gentle caresses on your breasts and then continue playing with the areola. 

You will begin to respond to these stimuli, so it is at that precise moment when your nipples can receive a dose of love with pinches and very smooth circular movements. Don't worry, they will be touches that will amaze you.

Now that the scene is set, the mind is ready through the breath and the body is excited, you should be ready to receive your Yoni massage technique.

Yoni massage technique to boost your sexual relationship

Start The Direct Massage To Your Yoni

She will start by gently massaging around the clitoris, causing sensations in the area, but not directly on it. Women have different sensitivity thresholds, since this is where most of the nerve endings are located, hence the body conceals the tip of the clitoris with a small hood. 

Small circular movements with two or three fingers around the hood of the clitoris should be done slowly, with special attention to be smooth.

Your masseuse will make circles of different sizes, starting from the largest ones that are away from the clitoris, moving into smaller circles as you go. Imagine that you are pushing the blood flow very gently into the clitoris area, which can sometimes be seen when it begins to enlarge.

When your circles have become so small that they touch the hood of the clitoris, our professional will Yoni massage technique the skin and maintain circular movements. You will avoid retracting the hood of the clitoris as this will expose the tip which is very sensitive and may not be ready for direct tactile stimulation.

Lip Sync

The labia majora and majora are the ones that mark the entrance to the internal vaginal area. Sometimes these will be apparent to the naked eye. However, in many women they are almost completely hidden by the skin. The lips have a large number of nerve endings, which means that they are a perfect area to stimulate arousal.

Once located, the masseuse will rub her fingers around each lip, making sure to touch each fold and the contour slowly. You can stimulate the external areas first and then move on to the internal parts.

Pushing And Pulling

He will place one finger to the left and one finger to the right of the hood of your clitoris. You will use the push and pull technique to retract and reveal the tip. Then it will hide it again. This is similar to how penis masturbation is performed, with the head of the clitoris being the equivalent of the tip of the clitoris.

You will apply only light pressure on each side and try to avoid strong pressure on the top of the clitoris. The speed should be very slow at first, then a little faster as you go with alternating pressure to provoke stimulation and a variety of sensations. 

As you continue, you can try alternately pressing each finger while pushing and pulling to improve clitoral Yoni massage technique.






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